Friday, October 21, 2016

WITL 2016 - Friday

Friday was a "blah" day.  It rained, there were clouds, kids were tired and cranky, I just couldn't seem to get any motivation to get up and move.  Looking back at the photos actually gave me an "ugh...oh yeah" reaction.

I started the day with a couple snoozes before heading out for a run.

Back by 5:30, so Luke can head to work.  Chug down a glass of nuun while the coffee brews and get ready for some morning quiet time.

6:00am - I head upstairs to shower and can hear the kids up and milling about already.  By the time I'm out of the shower all three kids are dressed and ready waiting for me in my room.  None of them were clamoring at the door to get in before the shower was off though, so I consider it a win.  This morning Beau and Cora were particularly proud of the fact that Cora's hair had already been done by Beau.

Start a load of laundry and it's downstairs to unlock the door and get breakfast started.

Cora has been using her extra time in the morning to do art in the temporary daycare preschool room.  I love that she's using her time creatively, but I don't love all the paper fitzens scissors, crayons, pencils, markers and other various art materials that are left ALL over when the daycare kids begin to arrive.  It's not so much about the mess but more about the fact that I find myself saying "where did you get those scissors?!" and "why do you have paper in your mouth!?"  I have learned to make sure the gate is closed until I've had a chance to survey the area.  We are working on making sure the mess gets cleaned up BEFORE you leave, but it's a work in progress.

7:45am - bags packed, ready to go.  8 year old boys much prefer shorts and long socks to the dreaded jeans, and as every mother knows once those shorts come out there's no turning back.

We noticed some pretty pink blooms on the bushes out front before the rain started.  We have no idea what is planted around our house, so we're having fun seeing what appears as things start to bloom.

It's a rainy day with lots of toy battles and blood curdling screams.  By 10:30 I give in and turn on an episode of Sophia the First while I prepare an early lunch.

The kids are down for nap by 12:30 today, and all are asleep almost immediately (a rare occurrence!).  I putter nap time away looking for and trying to decide upon a front door color.  That makes me realize I need to pick a shutter color too, so I start digging through those samples.  That makes me realize that we are going to need new planters for the front porch, so I start a web and pinterest search for those. Except Pinterest keeps bringing up kitchen pins and that makes me remember that I want to find some ideas on how to brighten up our kitchen WITHOUT painting the cabinets white.  Maybe replace some cabinet doors with glass?  But then I realize that the interior shelves are white and that looks weird.  White shelves take me back to the planters when I start to wonder if maybe white is the way to go.  Yes, I definitely need white planters.  But....I can't find any I like so I head back over to Sherwin Williams and continue on with their color visualizer picking out front door and shutter colors.  Do you see how my mind works.  It really is like a real life version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie all.  the.  time.
I finally think I've decided on the perfect shade of turquoise for the front door.  I'm committed.  And then I think....but Christmas!  Picturing a green holiday wreath hanging on a turquoise door was just not doing it for me, and I was never really able to jump on the red and turquoise bandwagon when it comes to Christmas decorating.  Although I love the colors I'm more of a traditional/nostalgic girl when it comes to the holidays.  SO, back to pinterest on a search for Christmas porches.  I was desperately trying to salvage the idea of a turquoise front door, but anyone who knows me, knows that if it throws off Christmas it's a deal breaker.  I found that most of the Christmasy front doors I was drawn to were dark brown.  I loved the cozy look and feel of the brown with the greenery and Christmas lights, but for the rest of the year....meh.  After much thought I came up with the PERFECT solution.  I was so excited I immediately text Luke and told him the turquoise front door dilemma.  First of all, do you see what a great guy I have.  He actually took time out of his day to read and respond like this was an actual crisis needing immediate attention in MAY.  After hearing the problem he calmly responded with "we are not having 2 front doors".  HOW DID HE KNOW?!  Of course that was my solution.  We have our normal turquoise door and then when the Christmas season rolls around you take it off its hinges and replace it with the dark brown door and call it a Christmas decoration.  Seems brilliant to me.

Selfies are guaranteed when my camera is out and sitting around.  The kids are home around 3 after a soggy walk home in the rain.

Indoor play with the star builders today.  Our temporary daycare set up leaves us a little cramped on indoor days, but we make do.

Luke gets to take Beau to a cold, wet, and windy soccer practice.  The girls hang out in the playroom. 

Wine.  Wine will help me choose a front door color.  In the end I chose a turquoise with more of a greenish tint.  A pinterest search revealed a front porch decked out for Christmas featuring a front door in the color.  She also had the same same area rug as I have in my entry in one of the pictures so I took that as a sign and called it good.

Home.  Jammies.  Relaxing before heading off to bed.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

WITL - Thursday (5 months later)

Ok, onward with Week In the Life.  I need to get this checked off my list so I can move on with December Daily!   I'm a little bummed that I didn't stick with it and get my thoughts all down during the week.  This has happened to me before with this project and I have the tendency to use that as an excuse to push it aside and not do it at all.  I'm determined to finish this time around though.  As I look back at the second half of that week (which was way back in May!) it feels like I took those pictures yesterday, how is it already fall?  I still have the pictures, I still have the facts, I still remember what happened, but I don't have the emotions, and all the little details that round out the story.  But that's ok, looking back always gives a different sort of perspective, and I love that I have both represented in my scrapbooks.  Ok, so without further ado lets jump back to May ............

On Thursday morning by alarm went off at 4:15am, a few minutes earlier than usual so I could squeeze in a longer run.  It still took me a good 20 minutes to get out of bed however.  I was out the door at 4:50 for 4.3 miles of intervals.

 I was home by 5:30 for coffee, but no milk (we're always out of milk).  Luke ran out and picked some up before heading to work.  I did some quick kitchen cleaning while the coffee was brewing.

So grateful for the sun this morning.

6:00am - Sylvie's up and requests cartoons.  A request I deny because I have learned that screens before school does not go well, and lets get serious, my kids need no additional motivation to rise any earlier than they already do!

I head up to shower finding Beau playing legos, and Cora wanting to wear shorts.  Another no, especially since she has a field trip today.  After a quick shower I start a load of laundry and we head down to get Beau and Cora breakfast.

7:00am - Beau and Cora eat while daycare begins to arrive.  Oatmeal, which they make themselves for the most part.

Beau requests the computer be unlocked so he can trace some dinosaurs to take for sharing.  I check to make sure he's otherwise ready to head out the door and agree.  As he's tracing he requests a lightbox to do tracings and drawings.  He has definitely been in a tracing phase lately.
As the kids eat Sylvie is digging in the pantry.  She tells me "Mom my candy bar way way up high cuz nobody can sneak on it.  Here, I will show you".  She's so sneaky.

  At 7:45 they pack up and head out.

8:00am - My last daycare drop off arrives.  As I'm finishing up breakfast round 2 Sylvie and another daycare kiddo can't seem to get along and end up having to wait for their breakfast at the table instead of playing in the other room.  Neither are happy about it.

  As they eat I do a check of the days curriculum plans, balance the checkbook, and prepare a bank deposit.

As the kids finish up with breakfast they draw in their art journals.  Sylvie shows me a creation she's especially proud of.

9:00am - The preschool portion of our day gets underway.  We do circle time, discuss our theme, and do an art project.

10:00am - We finally have some sun today, so we head out for a walk.  Not just any walk though, we're due for library books, I have a package to mail, and checks to deposit so I was hopeful we could make it to all 3 stops and back.  We did, and the kids were troopers.  It helped that the bank (our last stop) gave them each suckers, which I told them they could have if they did a good job walking back home.  Round trip it was 2.75 miles, not bad for 3 year olds!  I lost count of how many times we had to stop to replace shoes that had fallen off, or were pulled off by whoever was behind them.  Once we hit 7 I quit counting....that was at the end of the street.  My toddlers did well too, but they got to ride in the stroller.

12:00pm - Our walk took a full 2 hours so the kids were ready to eat, read a quick story and nap by the time we got home!
1:00pm - I spent nap time doing laundry, a PIYO session, going through pictures and working on the blog.

3:00pm - The kids arrive home from school and I get everyone up from nap.  I get a text from Luke letting me know that he'll be home late.
4:00pm - We have snack and the big kids head outside.  Cora and Rory quickly come back in because they're cold.  The day has turned cold and rainy again.  We spend the rest of the daycare day playing games, reading library books, playing with star builders, and eating blue suckers.

5:30pm - The daycare kids are gone and we start a quick spaghetti supper before dance at 6:00.  I give Beau a spelling test as we eat.

6:00pm - Beau and Sylvie come with me to take Cora to dance, we sit and wait while she dances.  Parents have to wait in the hall and aren't allowed to come in to watch them dance.
7:00pm - Luke gets home at the same time as us.  It's chilly and rainy.  We head inside to get started on baths.
8:00pm - The kids are in bed shortly after 8.
My little daydreamer.  I so often find her fixed in a daydream when I come to tuck her in.  Content with her thoughts, imagination, and wonderings.

Beau is almost always fixed on a book these days.  Gone are the days where he wants to me to read to him.  Those days have been replaced with "I'm almost done with this chapter" and "can I just finish the page?".  Every once in awhile he will join us as I read to the girls, but he much prefers to read a book of his own.  Right now he is in to Encyclopedia Brown and Boxcar Children.
As I leave I smile at the signs he has made and printed of things he loves.  He says he wants to cover his room with them.
 Ah, laundry.  There are many nights where a pile of laundry greets us as we head up to get ready for bed.  Tonight is one of those nights.

9:00pm:  I get ready for bed and read for a few minutes before falling asleep.

As I finish up reflecting on our Thursday I'm so grateful that this years week in the life fell during this period of time.  Now 5 months later our days and routines look so different, as we have moved daycare down to the basement.  This routine was for such a short period of time it could have so easily been forgotten.  It leaves me excited to continue documenting with the next project to see the changes and differences.

Monday, May 23, 2016

WITL 2016 - Wednesday

And I'm back with my week in the life posts.  I did in fact finish plug away for the remainder of the week taking photos (although less than years past) and jotting down notes as things came up, but I had trouble finding a chunk of uninterrupted time to get the blogging done.  Although I still much prefer blogging as I go each day, I do still plan to blog each day in an effort to make putting the album together less overwhelming and time consuming. Here's Wednesday, which was....well, Wednesday.  The middle of the week and another dreary rainy indoor day.

Wednesday morning started with Luke asking me if I was going to run.  I mumbled yes before opening my eyes and realizing that it was 5:02.  I lay in bed for a while longer frustrated that I had missed my running window, but still not really wanting to get up.  I finally stumbled downstairs for coffee around 5:30.  I was met by Cora shortly after who had woken early with a bad dream.  She tells me about how she, her best buddy Rory, and Blake (a school friend) were pink, green, and blue cactus and bad guys were after them.  I would imagine, that being a cactus made it difficult to escape quickly.....

The mornings oversleeping meant that I got to me the one to make the bed (my least favorite morning chore).  By the time I was out of the shower all 3 kids were up and dressed.  Beau came out of his room wearing the shorts I told him it was too cold for the night before.  I didn't say anything and could tell by the way he avoided eye contact and was being extra helpful that he was hoping I'd let him "get away" with it.  I did.  In fact, after I finished doing the girls' hair I came back into our room and the bed had miraculously been made! He really wanted to wear those shorts. 

The rest of the morning went by quite smoothly with oatmeal and apples being the breakfast choice for Beau and Cora.  All chores got done, even before being asked, and all three kids are happy and argument free.

It's after 8AM by the time all the daycare kids arrive.  Since our current upstairs location is temporary for daycare there aren't any hooks or cubbies for their things, but it works for now.  We're working on getting the basement finished and then daycare will move down there.

The later morning arrivals push everything back and we get a late start on breakfast. I realize we're out of milk.....again.  We're ALWAYS out of milk.

 The kids have been enjoying playing in the living room (with no toys) vs the playroom while I clean up meals.  It amazes me how well they can play and how long they can be entertained with just a room, couple blankets, and no toys (at least when it's their idea).  Today they play a version of house that includes a King, Princess, baby, and dinosaur.

Today's circle time includes calendar, weather, songs, and a discussion on swimming.  We're working on figuring out which day of the week it is by looking at the calendar, and counting up to the date.

After circle time they move to the art table where they color a picture about the days topic.  Then the older ones stay for an art project while the toddlers go play with the days selected toys.

Today I have some extra work for them as they go play.  We've been working on our folding skills both with nap blankets and the wash rags, which we use for drying our hands.

More rain and inside play today.  I notice less playing with the toys I give them, and more running and climbing.  Typical of littles after 3 cold and rainy days in the house.

I tuck Sylvie in for nap last so I can spend a few extra minutes talking and snuggling with her.  As I leave the room she has begun her typical sleepy routine, which is sucking her bottom lip and twiddling the fringe on her blankie.

Naptime began with cleaning up the living room and a longer PIYO session.  Do you see the corner in the above picture?  Yeah, well I didn't and as I stood and turned when stacking books I nearly gave myself a concussion.  I'll blame it on the unfamiliarities of a new house.  Kind of like when I go in a dark room and it takes FOREVER to find the light switch that I'm pretty sure is there somewhere.

Remember the candy stash.  A screaming toddler for much of nap time caused me to deplete it.

Naptime ended with laundry (or course).

As I'm finishing up folding the laundry I see the kids coming home in the pouring rain, with one straggling behind refusing to use an umbrella.  Needless to say he was dripping wet when he got home and had to borrow some of Beau's clothes.  I came downstairs to find them sliding up and down the hallway in their wet, sweaty socks covering the floor in lovely streaks.  Add mopping floor to my to do list.

The kids are excited to see frosted/sprinkled animal crackers for snack.  We generally stick pretty closely to goldfish, graham crackers, string cheese, fruit, and the occasional pretzel.  So a treat like frosted animal crackers is pretty exciting.  I spied these on sale this week and couldn't resist.  After serving a small portion to each of the 9 kids the bag was empty and I was reminded of why snacks like this don't make a more frequent appearance.

With the rainy weather and cooped up kids (again) I find myself offering up a movie afternoon once snack is cleaned up.  Peabody and Sherman won the vote.

My photos end here for the day as Beau's homework sparked another very difficult afternoon and evening filled with frustration and defiance.  He spent most of the night in his room, and thankfully  Luke took over after he got home, attempting to talk to him about his afternoon and evening behavior. I spent time with the girls downstairs and watched an episode of Sophia the First.  I was glad that in the end we finished bedtime with hugs and even a few giggles out of Beau.  While relieved I felt drained, and after looking over a flyer for next year's preschool curriculum it was lights out for me by 9:30.  Tomorrow is a new day.